After purchasing a license from Firia Labs, you'll receive an email containing your License Key.

  • A License Key entitles you (the License holder) to a specified number of "Seats" for the License Term (typically one year, also stated in the confirmation email).
  • The Seats are "Floating"- which means they apply to concurrent users of CodeSpace.
  • Floating Seats are granted to users by the License holder using "Share Tokens", which are random 2-word phrases.

Example, in a typical Classroom environment:

A. Teacher receives a License Key in an email from Firia Labs.

B. Teacher opens CodeSpace ( and adds a License Key:

     1) Click Help, then click Manage Licenses.

     2) Click the Add License button.

     3) Paste your License Key in the space provided, then click the Validate button.

C. Teacher generates a Share Token, and distributes it to students (ex: write on whiteboard).

If you don't like the auto-generated Share Token, just press the button again to generate another one!

D. Students enter Share Token in CodeSpace to enable Full Version.

    1) Click the "Get Full Version" Star at top of screen.

    2) Type in the Share Token and click Validate.

E. If at any future point the Teacher wants to revoke a Share Token, simply Generate a new one using the Manage Licenses screen above.

  • Only one Share Token is valid at any given time.
  • This is a way to "boot" stragglers off of your License Seats and start fresh.

NOTE - You don't have to do the above steps very often!

  • Entering the License Key only has to be done once, unless you purchase additional licenses to add.
  • Students only have to activate the Share Token the first time they login to CodeSpace. It will be saved under their Google login thereafter.
    • Unless you generate a new Share Token (see 'E' above)