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Bluetooth Screens

These microbits have Bluetooth. How about a project to send and receive an LED image? It could even be split into two programs. One to receive and one to send.

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Great idea!! We are currently working on a few projects that use the Bluetooth radio. Stay tuned, we hope to have them ready in just a few days - will make an announcement when we release that update!

Hi. What happened to the bluetooth radio project? Did anything ever come of it. It would be great to interact with the microbit through a mobile phone bluetooth connection.

Thanks, Anthony

The good news is that we now have several Radio oriented projects, starting with Project-12 "Radio Messenger". These are really awesome projects, exceeding our expectations for how much students can engage and learn about real-world IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

As for connecting with mobile phones, however, the news isn't so great. The Micropython implementation on the micro:bit just doesn't have the resources (RAM and FLASH memory) to support a full "Bluetooth stack" that would be needed for connection with other bluetooth devices. We're using a bluetooth-capable radio, but a simpler packet format - perfect for learning the basics of network communication :-)

Hi Geri. I think it's great that you're using a form of communication that teaches headers and packets. I have seen elsewhere that the BTE library for micropython would take up 12 of the 16K alone. It's a shame however that pupils can't interact using their phones since they are so ubiquitous and children see them as part of the internet world. 

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