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Better Cords

Hi. My name is Hailey Tecca and I am in fourth grade. I would like you to make longer cords. I am saying this because our class uses chromebooks, and all the outputs are on the back. I heard from another classmate that the company you are working with doesn't make long cords, but that doesn't mean that you can't just switch to a different company. I also would like to suggest that you could try to make the microbits settle so the lights are on the top, as our class tries to bend the cords so the lights are on the top, and some of us are worried that we might break or snap the cords. The last thing that I want to tell you is that you might want to consider adding more lights, as the displays are not very precise. Thank you!

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Thank you Hailey. The good news is that you CAN bend the cable to make it behave for you. Think of it as shaping the cord like you want it to go. As for the lights, we can't add any of those or even colors because we don't make those. BUT, some of the future lessons in CodeSpace will offer to purchase some really cool lights that will be very exciting. I don't know when those will come out but hopefully not too long in the future. Also, a lesson that is being written right now teachers you how to make your own shapes with the lights that you already have. That might make the lights a little more exciting for you. :o)

Happy coding Hailey!


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