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Awesome Feedback

Dear Firia Labs,

Hello, I am Evalynn I am in fourth grade. I would like to tell you about my feedback on Code Space.In my lessons I get very confused, and I end up having to copy the page thingy.

Here are some of my complaints.........

*The lessons are to easy

*It gets boring sometimes

*The cords are to short

*It usually says something is wrong when its not

Sooo those are my complaints. I am sorry if they are to harsh,but they are true.

now since I might have made you sad here are some things to make you Happy!

Things that I like about Code Space........

*It is extremely fun 

*I get to enjoy coding on the computer

*Lots of people enjoyed doing it

*I get to cooperate with my partner

So there is my Happy feedback.

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I agree with you.

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