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All Of My Feedback

Dear FiriaLabs,

Hello, I am  Calli and I am in 4th grade. I would like to tell you all my poor and good moments in Code Space. In my lessons they get very confusing, and I end up having to copy all the code on the description page!

Here are some of my complaints. . .

*The cord is too short. . .

*The lessons are too hard. . .

*It gets boring very easily. . .

*It always says something is wrong. . .

Those are my complaints. I am sorry if they are too harsh or brutal, but they are the truth! Since those all seem like mean things I'll give you  even more happy ones!!!!

*It is very fun!!!

*We all get to work together during FiriaLabs!!!

*Everyone is happy!!!

*People don't bother me as much!!!

*I get more fun time to do things!!!

*I actually learn more code after coding for more than 5 years!!!

*It makes a happy environment!!!

So thank you for reading this long feedback of mine about all my complaints, good things, and everything!!! 

Sincerely, Calli - A Simple Fourth Grader

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Thank you for your honesty Calli!

We agree that the cord is too short. We now have longer cords available and I am in contact with your teacher about supplying those to your class :o)

The lessons can be hard and frustrating when you see that you have done something wrong. We DO want you to copy from the description page first. That is a GREAT first step in learning. And if you are like me, I need a LOT of repetition! Then we want you to try a little on your own. And pretty soon after that we want you trying to freestyle with the lessons you have learned to make new things that we haven't directed you to do. Coding can be VERY exciting for people because it allows for some much creativity. BUT, coding is not necessarily fun for everyone. It DOES take a lot of attention to detail and sometimes its just hard to stay focused long enough for that. But no worries, it sounds like you are able to have fun in SOME way. Oh! And don't forget, most people learn the MOST when a mistake is made. :o)

Happy coding Calli!


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