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\Awesome awesome awesome feedback!

         Dear firia labs ,                                                                                    

 My name is Shea I am in third grade and I am 9 years old love your new product,but you really should make your USB cords longer.Are you able to make the lights brighter?Its hard to see them when the lights are on.It would also be cool if you had different colour lights. Thanks for reading my awesome awesome awesome feedback!




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Hi Shea,

I have already been in contact with your teacher about supplying you with our new longer USB cords. While we can't make different colors, you MIGHT can experiment with the brightness. Click on the following link with code that can help you.

Future lessons will have the option to purchase a really cool set of lights that have any color you could ever imagine. I don't know when it will come out but hopefully not too long from now. :o)

Happy coding!


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