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"Translating" to English

I was googling to find some more lessons to teach myself so I can keep up with my bright students. I found these micro:bit lessons on the MicroPython site ( Their lessons lack the teaching aspects of CodeSpace, but one thing I like is how they explain WHAT the code is doing in English. Maybe my brain just works better that way, but it helps! 

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That's  a great idea! In the software world, that's sometimes called a "code walkthrough". 

Question: We've considered doing this with a Youtube video that walks through each project, stepping through the code and explaining each line along the way. Would that serve the purpose? Maybe it depends on learning style... Partly I'm worried that if we write it all out in English it could be really verbose and TL;DR...

Interested in your thoughts!?

I think a YouTube video could definitely serve that purpose, and would probably be more student-friendly. You’re right though, it depends on each students’ learning style. I prefer to read, but then again I’m old.
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