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Naming Files

As I've walked around my classroom, I've noticed a lot of students have "Untitled Document" at the top, or they still have "Heart1" when they're on lesson 6. I've been reminding them, thinking it's just a kid problem. We know file management and proper naming conventions are always an issue. But then I went into my files and I had two named "Display" and one Untitled! So maybe it's more than just a kid issue. Can it FORCE them to name their file before they start? And open a new document when they get to a new program?

Excellent suggestions and info you shared!

Thank you! And these issues, if they haven't been already, will be added to the backlog.



I too have a few "Untitled" and same-named files lying around, so it's not just you! That is indeed a task in our backlog - figuring out a better way to provide "file management guidance" to users...

I have noticed the same thing. We only meet one day a week, so it has caused a problem for students picking back up in the lessons if all their work is "untitled".

Looks like this item will get raised a little higher in priority in the backlog. :o)

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