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Awesome Feedback

Dear Firia Labs,

   My name is Evalynn and I am in forth grade. I have been coding for three years. Your new jumpstart kit is one of the best coding experiences I have ever had. Our class has about thirty to fifty minutes a day. One of the things I like about it is that I get to have fun programing on the computer and watching what appears on the micro:bit.

    Here is my feedback...

I think that it would be nice if you improve the length of the cord that connects

to the computer by making it longer. I also think that you should have a code that lets us change the color of the light. One other thing that I think you should do is get rid of the button that lets you skip to the next activity because a couple other students skip the activity that they are on.

 From Evalynn

I agree with you.

Thanks Evalynn!

I love your feedback and I'm so glad you are having a great time learning through our CodeSpace!

We agree that the short USB cord is annoying! We are looking into affordable options to make that better.

And you are right about skipping around. We saw students do that while we were in classrooms here in our hometown. We are considering strongly doing just what you said.

Oh! by the way, we don't make the Micorbit that you are using so we can't change the colors. BUT, the good news is that we will eventually be adding lessons and extra hardware to connect to the microbit that will have every color you could ever think of. Does that sound exciting?

Thank you for your feedback Evalyn!


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