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Feedback #5



Devin-Age 11

I have had coding experience in the past. The first time I did coding, it was on I found it easy. I later started making my first real game on scratch. I had made games before that one, but they were either just dialogue or something random. I later tried a website called CodeCombat. In it, you battle monsters using javascript. Though the other sites are good, Codespace is even better.

In the beginning of CodeSpace, it showed me how to make images appear on the micro…bit. The program explains it in a way that I understand. Also, it lets you play around a little bit instead of forcing you to do one specific thing. If you become stuck, you can peek at a picture of exactly what your code should look like. I like this because it lets you figure it out on your own, but it doesn’t force you to.

In part 2, It showed me how to make letters and numbers scroll across the screen. I played around with this a little bit and used it to say things like “you are my friend” to the people next to me. It then showed me how to make it count the number of times I pressed a button. After that it puts everything together to make a really fun game where I can win a t-shirt. I like how it teaches you everything individually instead of all at once.

In part 3, it showed me how to play music. I like that you have the ability to do that, but it doesn't tell you a lot of different songs you can play. Also, it just shows you how to play music and that’s it. It does tell you that you can make the microbit display things while you play music, but I think that I could’ve figured that out by myself. Maybe you could introduced some more features. However, all of this is balanced out by the fact that you can play Nyan Cat music.

Overall, CodeSpace is extremely fun and educational at the same time, but part 3 could be a little better. Part 1 and 2 were great, though. Definitely something I’d buy.

February 12, 2018 ---

Jia-ming-Age 11

I think this program and micro:bit is very educational for beginners like me. I’ve had a teeny-tiny bit of experience with coding. I know how to code, but not how to do it well and efficiently. This kit led me through coding step-by-step. I learned the basics of coding; how to show and scroll images on the micro:bit, how to program a mini-game, and how you can play music with an attached speaker. I had a lot of fun learning how to code with this kit!

While coding, I had a few issues. I think some of the directions weren’t clear enough. I had to read and reread the directions on where to type the coding. I didn’t know exactly where and which line to type the code on. I think you could tell the users exactly where and which line to type the code on so that we can do it right. Those are the only suggestions for this kit. Otherwise I really enjoyed it. I think this is a great, educational program to learn how to code.

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Hey Devin! Love your feedback! I hope you get a chance to go back to the music lesson. There is now a list of songs that you can play. :o) And I hopeyou continue to enjoy learning to code in python through the lessons in CodeSpace. When you get a few lessons under your belt, take them and create something not in the lessons already there.  Looking forward to hearing from you more!

Jia-ming, I would love for you to take the opportunity to go back to your first lessons and see if the improvements that we have made help you better understand where your code should be typed. We have a feature that blurs some of the code so that you get a better idea of where the new code should go and allows you to unblur if you REALLY need to see everything. And, we think the directions are better over all. Would love to hear what YOU say about it though.

Let me know what you think of the improvements.

Thanks for the feedback!

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