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Login with Google Account

Just wondering if anyone has been able to log in with their Google account (using the red Google button)? I don't think it's a school filter issue because I wasn't able to do it at home either. This is what happened:

1. Click "Login with Google"

2. Select which account I want to use

3. Redirected to Login page (not logged in)

4. Click "Sign up"

5. Put in gmail 

6. "Email already in use"

7. Try to login using gmail password

8. Incorrect password

9. Reset password

10. Login successfully

So it appears it establishes an account when you click the google button, but doesn't successfully log in? Again, this happened with both home and school accounts, so I don't think it's a filter problem.


See notes on Troubleshooting Logins here:

Amber, just got back into the office. David is in a meeting that shouldn't take long and I'll have him jump on this right away. I am curious also because we haven't had any reports of google sign on being an issue. Hang on just a little longer.



Amber, how did you finally get logged in? We see that you were running an older version of chrome (wondering how you slipped by without updating, lol) and that you are now running the lessons. We are trying to understand what you ran into while trying to log in. 

Dear Fira Labs, could you please make the USB connector cords longer so there easier to see?

Oooh...Skylar, we feel your pain! We also do not like the length of the USB cord. Unfortunately the company that we purchase them from makes them this size. It is a probelm that we want to solve as soon as we can find an affordable way to do so. I would like to encourage you though that you CAN twist the shape of the cord a little to help make it behave. I JUST showed a class that this past week and they were so thankkful since the cord kept making the microbit upside down and wonky.

I hope you can still have fun and success even though we can't immediately solve the USB cord length.

Thank you for telling us that we need to solve that problem!

Happy coding!


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