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Materials Management

I teach middle school, so on average my students are 13. I know this was brought up already by one of Marjorie's students, but I'm nervous about my students breaking and losing little parts. They are not the most conscientious! Any tips or tricks?

Amber, I'm not a teacher so I'm only answering this as an observer of the local Betas. It will be good to have teachers answer as they experience this issue. The good news is that the microbit itself is pretty rugged. But as far as the other parts are concerned, it could be a problem. What I observed locally is a strong routine set up right from the beginning for how and when materials should be handled. Inevitably, there will be a loss or damage to something which is why a couple of extras are placed in the kits. :o) But perhaps if the students know that they can't play with the hardware if it isn't there, that might help a little.

Looking forward to finding out what teachers say about this! :o)


We've got some procedures in place already for the tablets we use, so I imagine it'll work for the micro:bit too. Wondering if I can number them so I know which one is checked out to which student. Hmm...

That seems like a feasible idea.

BTW, our firts broken piece of hardware is the battery pack. Your students will need to be extra careful to pull the battery pack from the microbit ONLY by grabbing the plastic end. Otherwise the wires will break. This is not a vulnerability that is easily solved unfortunately. But is on our troubleshooting long term list.

Good to know. When I was playing with it, unplugging the USB connector and battery pack both seemed a little... fragile. I haven't played with the sensor or resistor yet.

USB isn't as fragile as it feels. It takes some getting used to how tight the fit is. NOt happy with that either but those are all issues that we aren't in control of. But will chat with the microbit foundation on that. I'm going to ask them also what kind of damage with the battery packs data they are hearing., and ask if they have plans for a hardier solution.

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