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Feedback #4

Cyrus-age 11 5th grade February 12, 2018 I am a mostly beginner coder. I have had some experience with coding, but I have forgotten most of what those programs taught me and almost all of those programs used coding blocks, not python. CodeSpace was just about right, not too easy or too hard for me. I felt that I was learning how to code in an adequate learning path. It wasn’t so hard that I became frustrated, and it wasn’t so easy that it became boring. One unique thing about CodeSpace was that I could work with a physical object. Unlike other coding programs that compiled and executed only within a computer, with CodeSpace I could see my program run on the micro:bit, which was interesting and fascinating, for I could watch exactly what the program could do. I worked with a partner on this project, but this didn’t change my experience and opinion on CodeSpace. My partner, Greg, and I finished lessons one and two. I was elated at how many images we could program our micro:bit to show and the number of possible micro:bit programs. Between the parts of the lessons, we experimented with the code by changing the amount of delay time, adding more images, and replacing parts of the code to see the effect. The directions were clear, and the information was helpful. So far, I have not encountered any major problems. The lesson in which we programmed a series of images was extremely helpful and important. It showed me how to fix a bug by asking questions and giving clear directions. Bugs are common so learning how to fix them is important to ensure the accuracy of the program. CodeSpace was not only educational but also fun, and I am honored to be able to test it. Gabrielle-age 10 2/15/18 5th grade Today was my first time coding with CodeSpace. I thought overall it was very user friendly and CodeSpace was a blast! It started off with an extremely user friendly introduction. The introduction explained everything we would be learning/doing. At first the coding started off simple and easier than expected. With basic coding tricks, I was really starting to understand the codes. It also encouraged us to never give up even if the coding was a bit difficult. The actual micro:bit was so cool! You could code it to light up. At first it was a little hard to grasp the concept of coding the micro:bit. But the more I began to code, I started to understand the concept. The more and more I coded, the easier coding became. Each code was more complex than the last. Some issues were that in order to find out exact the problem with your code, you had to look at the code hint. On the bright side you could see the exact line that had the mistake which was really helpful. Another issue I had with CodeSpace was the big codes were very complex and required a lot of attention to detail. On the bright side, it prepares us for the real world of coding. It was just that it jumped from simple to coding long and complex codes. I felt that there was no in between level and I would have liked to see one. The large coding texts were complex and had the micro:bit do complex things like addition so it could be used as a calculator. And also when the codes went from picture to picture, in a row it was really awesome. Also when you had to click to beat nine clicks and win a t-shirt (that was a long a difficult code) I still loved it. Overall this coding experience was a great way to spend my first coding experience on and now I really feel like I understand the world of coding. One suggestion that I have for CodeSpace would probably be to let the user know in the instructions that they can feel free to try something else than what the instructions say. I did it. Like if they say a heart you can also do a square. It is fun to be creative in coding. Lastly, I feel like my time coding was time well spent.
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Cyrus and Gabrielle, you are awesome! It has been such a delight to read your feedback. You both are expressing a very mature attitude about the difficulty in having to show such attention to detail. And you are right, it is an absolute must when coding.

We intend to add some more challenges and lessons that might can fill the middle of the road complexity of which you write Gabrielle. And for both of you, because we are constantly adding material and improving the lessons, don't be shy about revisiting lessons you've already completed because there may be something new in there that will help solidify even more the concepts you are learning.

Our intent is to add, wherever we can, an encouragement to explore and create with the concepts you are learning by going off script.

Cyrus, I love that you brought up your undestanding of bugs. The debugger we have within CodeSpace is like something professionals would use. It is very difficult to teach about it though through the lessons. Pretty soon we will have a lesson dedicated to a deeper understanding of the debugger because it's essential when you begin to create on your own and work in more complex projects.

Thank you both so much for your feedback!

Happy Coding!


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