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Feedback #3

Pelham 2/14/18 Today was my first time using a micro:bit and I thought it was going to be hard because I don’t have a lot of experience with coding. Yet when I used the website it took me through an easy step by step tutorial on how to code with the it. As I did harder and harder activities, it became easier and easier. I definitely enjoyed how colorful the website is and the friendly robot who greets you once an activity is completed! I coded with a partner and it was not at all hard in a team of two. Both my partner and I were able to understand the easy to read instructions. The wide variety of activities made it so we both had the opportunity to do different (and fun) types of coding. It was also extremely helpful that we could see examples of how our work should look when finished. Sometimes it was a little confusing but even when that happened there was always some type of help or clue that got me back on track. Even though the coding was relatively easy I didn’t really understand how it worked. I would recommend maybe having a brief explanation of how the micro:bit and coding in general works. Besides that, I really enjoyed being able to do all sorts of cool things like coding shapes I never thought possible with this fun and interactive website. Ian 2/14/18 I learned the basics of coding. For example, how to start out the program with a certain line, and many simple codes and commands. I learned how to make pictures and shapes appear on the microbit’s display, how to code simple games, and make it play music. What I liked best was being able to make shapes, pictures and numbers appear on the display and also the clicker game, where you need to get over 15 clicks of the button in a certain number of seconds. I also laughed when the micro:bit played music. Something that I would recommend is making a case for it. Not something that totally seals the chips off from the world, but something that you can open and close. This is a way so you can still see the micro:bit and how it works, but it protects the technology from the elements, falls, and anything else that could damage the microbit. Another thing I have to suggest is making the display with the little lights a little bit larger. The display right now is 5 by 5, and I don’t want to add too many, just a little, so it could be 6 by 6, or 7 by 7. This would make the viewing experience better, so it would be more fun to play with. This is all I have to suggest. Thanks for reading!
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Pelham, thank you for sharing the fun that you are having with CodeSpace! It is encouraging to us to hear that our assistance within the product gives you the help you need.  Your suggestion on teaching how the code actually works is well spoken. We have added that to our backlog and will be seen in a variety of ways throught the product by the time we open CodeSpace to the public.

Ian, thank you for sharing everything that you are learning so far and that you are enjoying it. Your suggestion for a case is being considered. We want to keep the product at a low enough cost for teachers to be able to afford this great product so it would take some time for us to figure out a way to develop a case that would not add too much cost. The good news is that the microbit is actually pretty durable. Of course you want to treat it with care at all times but we think that you will be impressed with its ruggedness. If by chance the microbit would be damaged, it would be good for us to know what the situation was that caused the damage. Hopefully you won't have to make that report. :o)  As far as other features that you requested for the hardware, we are not developers of the device, only the software that you are using to program the microbit. So we have no control over it. HOWEVER, we do intend to offer expansion hardware kits that allow you to do many more things with this microbit. Neopixels will allow many more colors, we'll offer motors and servos, a robot kit, graphics display, etc.  Sounds like fun, huh?

To Pelham, Ian, and all other Beta heores there, we would encourage you to take the lessons you are learning and find ways to freestyle with what you are learning. That is one of the beauties of coding and of this product-that you aren't confined to JUST the lessons. Be creative! You may not succeed at first and you may have to think really long and hard to figure things out, but you will be learning from the mistakes that you make and your exploration will help you develop more as a life long learner.

Let the code love you back!

Happy coding!

Geri :o)

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