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Student Feedback

My school has had 12/ days for parent conferences so our time we have had to work with the kits has been shortened.  However, this is an easy product to pass out and have the students begin immediately.  Even though our periods end up being about 24 minutes with passing classes/settling down/ cleaning up at the end of the period, we had a productive 24 minutes. My students were able to begin immediately once I gave them the micro:bit and worked diligently for the time that they had. I am not sure I have ever seen them so excited and engaged.  Some of them just started to "freestyle".  I have had the some students working solo and some students working in pairs and both situations have worked beautifully.  There has not been a behavior issue or students off task.  Their discussions have all been related to the coding.  The class periods fly by with students groaning when it is time to put everything away.  

Here are a few more feedback responses from students. (Is this the correct section the feedback should be submitted in?) 



Today was my first day working with the micro:bit kits. Although I was chosen to work with a partner, it was very fun. In fact, it was even more fun than working alone. Before working with the kits, I had very little experience with coding. Now (after working with the kits) I am very confident about using Python Script. My partner is now also very confident with his coding. When we programmed the micro:bits, we played around with the images and that turned out to be very cool. When there was the three second countdown, at the end, we added, “Happy New Year!”  Near the end of the period, we started to add music. As an overall rate, I would give the these kits a 10/10.  



Some of the activities I did were coding pictures on the micro:bit. There were different shapes and pictures. Some of them were hearts, squares, smiley faces and practically anything you can think of. You can also make it show words. I only did one word which was “Ahoy.” I liked seeing the pictures on the micro:bit. One of my favorite pictures was Pac Man. It was pretty cool how you were able to change to a whole variety of pictures by just typing a few words in. It tells you what word to type in, and that word would come up as a picture of it.

I have one suggestion for the developers of the micro:bits. Maybe instead of just red as the picture, you can have a variety of colors. That is probably the only suggestion I have right now since this product is great.

Margie, what prompt did you give your students? I am very impressed with how much detail they put in their writing!

Hi Amber!

I put an assignment up on Google classroom with this prompt:

First tell about your experience level for coding. Then tell what you did on the micro:bit. Next describe any issues that you had with the micro:bit or the directions. Finally, list any suggestions.

I definitely stressed how lucky we were to have this kit in our classroom. We were expected to give strong feedback and we needed to hold up our part of the bargain.  If it was September, the writing would not be as strong but we try to write a lot in a variety of ways.  One way to increase writing fluency I have found is to have pen pals.  We have North Carolina pen pals but if anyone else would like to be our pen pals-we would love to have more!!!



Great feedback - thanks! Yes, this section is a good place. We'd like to get more folks using this discussion forum... right now a lot of the feedback is coming in via email, or through support tickets. The nice thing about putting it here is that it everyone shares the benefit of your experiences. 

Thanks again, and keep communicating just as you are!

- Geri


I think that the packaging should label some of the activites. But I like it because it is very modern.

Here are a couple of more student responses. 

Jakob Riz-age 11



In this feedback about the “Microbot”, I am going to write about the ups and downs about this product.


  My coding experience is quite large amount. I have done hour of code 50+ times and enjoy doing it. I have used coding blocks since 1st grade and used many coding websites including,, Khan Academy Coding, among various websites. My favorite by far, was Python coding, on I have not started JavaScript yet, but am trying to do Cobra coding.


  On the coding, I reached 884 experience on the bot and made many shapes including pacman, a house, a heart, etc. After that, I made letters that replaced each other, and then words that scrolled side to side (On the scrolling words, I coded, “Microbot Rules!”, because it does!!!!!). I also created a game in which a I earned a t-shirt. Following the words, I created music and sounds, which I added a music note to. The last thing I remember doing was making the hearts beat back and forth.


I enjoyed using the product for the most part, because the coding experience was nearly perfect and the lights were awesome. My favorite parts were the music it made, including the blues, and the beating heart. I enjoyed using a computer to create funny music/sounds on the bot and using the program (Python I assume) to put two different size hearts flash back and forth.


I had some issues. First, I had to type and retype over and over again the same commands after I was told to delete them. Second, I couldn’t copy and paste the necessities from the right side to the coding document on the left. Third, when I typed two shapes in, it only showed the last one, and when I didn’t type the unnecessary shape, I couldn’t go on. That is all of all of my concerns.


I have a few suggestions, very subtle, but improvements that can be made to improve the market content. Firstly, the light space-I suggest making the light board larger, so more shapes can be made. Secondly, if you have the larger board, maybe multiple learners can use it (Multiple computer connections). And lastly, to be able to play more games on it (Like the clicking game, to win the t-shirt)  Thank you so much.


Emi-age 11

5th grade


  Today was the first time I tried the wonderful program, CodeSpace. In the past, I have had mild involvement with coding through the website, “” This program is much better than the others, though. I would give it a 10/10! First of all, it was so easy to understand all the steps and tools even if you had no coding experience whatsoever. It is so simple to find the definition of a word if you happened to forget. Also, the directions are clear and easy to follow. Next the micro:bit was able to project such cute, colorful pictures. Thirdly, there were no glitches, bugs, or freezes while I was programming. There weren’t even any minor defects or anything like that. Lastly, the website was super duper uncomplicated to access and start learning new coding skills. All in all, this fun, educational, easy-to-use site, is the greatest coding program ever! I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Owen-age 11


  I foresee great success in the item however, there are several things I would suggest to the micro:bit creators about their product. First, I would like to say that I am an experienced coder.  First, I thought that the coding step for creating shapes could create any item, unfortunately it only created certain objects that were put in by the micro:bit creators. I think it would be a good idea to install an item that can update the micro:bit so that it has more items that can be created after each update. Next, I would say that the micro:bit is a tiny bit too micro and fragile, but I understand that the creators wanted to make it small and portable. Also, I want to say I am also concerned that the micro:bit is making the learners do what you want them to do, so the learners are not doing things by themselves. Lastly, to my opinion I think you should install more LED lights so you can see the item showed on the LED display better. I hope these are helpful suggestions.





It's so much fun to hear about these experiences. Our engineers here are taking the requests very seriously - lots of good ideas flowing!


We're happy to have such an experienced student testing our product! Glad that you enjoyed it. Regarding the two images back-to-back, did you try "stepping" through that code? The lesson is really trying to show you two things: (1) the microbit can display stuff faster than your eyes can perceive, and (2) you can see what's really going on by stepping with the debug tools. Later in the lesson, of course, you add a delay with sleep(1000) and it's all better :-)


Thank you for the kind words! We are delighted that you enjoyed CodeSpace!


You are right! We are in the process of adding projects to let YOU create custom images and songs. We appreciate your creative and independent spirit! We look forward to having you test the next "more creative" projects, and getting your feedback on those too! In the meantime, we would very much like for you to get creative with the current set of projects: mix music with images, and so forth. The best projects are the ones you create yourself...


- Geri

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