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Hello All:

  On Friday, I was a bit frustrated.  There was a firewall from my school district on the site and I thought it would take forever to have access.  However, my district came through for us and we were able to access it this afternoon. 

I have 33 students in my class so I started with 8 solo groups and 2 groups of 2.  I let them work on it for about 60 minutes while I worked on essays with the rest of the class.Then we switched and I rotated the groups.   Oh my goodness!   It worked so beautifully.  I could not have asked for a smoother 2.5 hours in my teaching life.  The students were so engaged and they were able to work through any issues.  I stressed to them that they were going to have to figure it out for themselves because I probably would not be able to answer any questions if they did have them.  And that is really what they did.  I posted a few sample feedback responses that 2 students completed to see if I am on the right track. 

Margie Brunner

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So glad to hear that your first session went really well! I'll post more feedback on the page where your student responses are, but I have to say our whole team is ecstatic to hear such a good report. Kudos to your IT department for getting the firewall issues taken care of. If there's anything we could do on our end to make that process easier, please be sure to pass it along to us. 


- Geri

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