Python with Robots Kit
Python with Robots Kit

Python with Robots Kit

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Python with Robots Kit includes: 1 CodeBot (batteries not included), 1 USB cable, and 1 Annual License.

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Recommended for Grades 7 and UP! See FAQ for more info.

Students learn the foundations of Python programming, robotics, and computational thinking as they build challenging projects by writing code with Codebot.

Python with Robots Curriculum Module

Projects Include:

1. Welcome to CodeBot - visual and hands-on tour of the components of your 'bot. Learn about the CPU, sensors, and hardware capabilities you'll be writing code for. Use the CodeSpace web application to connect to CodeBot and write your first line of Python code to light up some LEDs!

2. Time and Motion - Roll up your sleeves and start coding! This project takes you step-by-step through coding projects involving sequences of motor control and LED lights. Learn how to use the CodeSpace debugger to understand what your code is really doing. Use the button-switches and Python's 'if' statement to alter the flow of your program while it's running.

3. Animatronics! - You've been hired by a major theme park to create a new animated robot exhibition. Use CodeBot's speaker to add sounds to the mix. In this project you'll learn a little more Python, and apply your creative skills to making an awesome show!

4. Fence Patrol - Learn to use CodeBot's advanced Line Sensors to detect a boundary line against a contrasting background. Starting with very simple code, this project takes you step-by-step to the creation of an autonomous fence-patrol robot that roams inside a defined boundary!

5. Line Follower - Take your mastery of the Line Sensors to the next level, and learn about Python lists as you tackle the challenge of making a competitive Line Follower.

6. Hot Pursuit - This project will get you familiar with another powerful capability of CodeBot, the Proximity Sensors. Start by writing code to rotate your 'bot to face a detected object. Next you'll gain more Python coding skill as you enhance your program to make CodeBot pursue a moving target.

7. Navigation - Can CodeBot move with precision? Only if you write the code to make it so! Learn about your 'bots Wheel Encoders and create Python functions to move exact distances and angles.

8. Obstacle Course - This project is your first robotics "object avoidance challenge" - Combine your navigation and proximity sensing knowledge as you write code to negotiate an obstacle course.

9. All Systems Go - Your robot knows a lot about itself, and your Python code can read all the System Sensors. Learn how to monitor battery voltage, system temperature, and physical orientation with the built-in Accelerometer. 

10. Multitasking - You've learned to code so many different behaviors for your 'bot. This project introduces you to BotServices, CodeBot's event-driven programming support, so your robot can do all those tasks at the same time!

... And much more! The CodeSpace project-based approach continues with interesting and meaningful challenges that incrementally advance coding skills and understanding of CS principles.