Python with CodeX™
Python with CodeX™
Python with CodeX™
Python with CodeX™

Python with CodeX™

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Kit includes: 1 CodeX (batteries not included), 1 USB cable, and 1 Annual License.

For Academic Volume Pricing, contact us.

Recommended for Grades 4 and UP! See FAQ for more info.

Brand new to Python? Begin your journey here!

The perfect introduction to Python, starting with the basic concepts as you bring CodeX to life one line of code at a time.

Python with CodeX Curriculum Module

Just a few of the included projects:

1. Welcome to CodeX - a tour of the many features of your CodeX. You'll learn about sensors, display, LEDs, and more! Then you'll connect to your computer (Chromebook/Windows/Mac) and write your first few lines of Python code to bring CodeX to life!

2. Light Show - start with the beautiful LED-backlit display, and move on to controlling the 6 indicator LEDs and the 4 neopixels onboard your CodeX. Put your new coding skill to use to make a warning sign that flashes continuously. Then let your creativity soar as you craft an animated art exhibit, powered by Python!

3. Button Up - learn the basics of reading from input devices by exploring CodeX buttons. With a little more Python knowledge you can now control those flashy outputs based on button presses. Hey, you're rocking some I/O! 

4. Harmonize - there's an symphony waiting inside your CodeX! With a little Python code, you'll become the maestro of electronic music.

5. Voice Box - continue your audio exploration as you use Python code to record your voice with CodeX's microphone. Learn how to play-back audio samples, and use button-press inputs to create an audio user-interface.

6. Spirit Level - get to know one of the advanced sensors on CodeX, the accelerometer. Your code can use this sensor to precisely read the orientation, and you'll use that knowledge to craft a useful tool. You'll use a little math to convert the accelerometer reading to degrees, and show the angle on your CodeX display.

7. Night Light - another useful peripheral is the onboard ambient light sensor. Can you use it to make a nightlight? With a little Python code, yes you can! What else can you sense? Experiment with detecting the presence of nearby objects, and use the light sensor as another user-interface device.