Troubleshooting Login Problems

Having trouble logging in?

If you can't get past the "Sign in with Google" point, the problem is most likely:

  • Chrome or an extension is blocking 3rd party cookies
  • A third party security plugin (ex: Privacy Badger) is blocking the login

The solution is to unblock firialabs.com, which is usually as simple as clicking on the "blocked" icon



Cookies are small files that a site transfers to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser, enabling the site to recognize your browser and retain certain information. The Google login service uses cookies to authenticate your session. This is known as a “3rd party cookie”, since it is managed by google.com rather than firialabs.com.


Why the Google Login?

CodeSpace uses your Google account to provide a unique "authenticated login" without requiring you to set up a password for yet another site!

In addition, the code you create is stored to your Google Drive - so you can access, share, and manage it just like other documents.


CodeSpace Access

When you login, CodeSpace requires a minimal set of privileges that are needed to create and load only files that it creates.