February 2020 Pathfinders newsletter

The first Winter Pathfinders Institute sponsored by the Infosys Foundation just wrapped up in Providence, Rhode Island. Firia Labs was delighted to host 32 teachers from 18 states over the course of the week. On Monday, February 24, Summer Pathfinders officially launched! We invite all teachers to visit their website to learn more about this AMAZING professional development opportunity. We think you should apply, but don't just take our word for it. Here are the top 5 reasons our Winter Pathfinders teachers think you should come to Summer Institute:


1. You'll go from anxious to excited

"This is my first go at Python with CodeSpace. I’m learning while I do it. It’s not just writing it down, taking notes, but you’re actually doing it. You can see your code right next to the lesson and you get to go back and fix things. It’s overwhelming, but at the same time, it’s like, 'Wow! I’m actually understanding it as I go!' If you’re anxious about learning coding or Python and not sure if it’s for you, or there’s that fear of, 'Oh, I don’t know,' failing is okay. Trying and then trying again and looking at it differently; you get to do it all in the process. So do it!" ~Monique, Cleveland, OH


2. It'll transform your instruction
"As a veteran educator it is not often that I can truly express amazement, find myself recharged, experience something that so profoundly opens my eyes to an avenue of discovery. This is what the Pathfinders Winter Institute did. Highly recommend this for anybody with any kind of level of training. Best PD period. I cannot wait to get back to my classroom and show my students what I learned. Stepping out of the box has made me proud. I feel like I’ve changed. The last few days have changed me. I feel more equipped to go and expand on an area that I thought I would never have any interest in. I’m so excited to take this back to my kids." 

~ Celeste, Houston, TX


"I felt like a Transformer because I was exposed to something great and transformed into a Python coder!" ~ Sundra, Memphis, TN


3. You'll build lifelong connections with fellow teachers
"Introducing Python with Robotics using Firia Labs CodeSpace is a hands-on, fun class where students get to not only know the software and hardware but form great friendships by working together to solve coding problems. Going to Pathfinders is the best professional development that I have ever had ... I met friends and fellow teachers that will now be forever friends and contacts! I loved every minute and hated to see it end!" ~Jami, Irving, TX


4. You can jump right in with Python in CodeSpace
"I came back today and my Python class jumped right into Jumpstart. They love it! The Pathfinders training gave me the skills to jump right in the day after the training to teach it. Students love how it autosaves their code files in Google Drive and really enjoy working with the external speaker." ~Joanna, Manchester, NH

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 12.17.32 PM

5. CodeSpace motivates reluctant learners

"I shared the first lesson with my special education math classes and we made hearts today.  A student who doesn't like to try anything came in grousing, 'I don't want to do this. I'm not going to do this,' etc. I had to hold his hand through the process. We got to the end of the class and his heart popped up.  He was all...I did that? That is cool! I like this! Are we going to do more?"

~Mary Alice, Smithville, TX


Space is limited, so be sure to apply now! We look forward to seeing you in Bloomington! 

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