New CTE Certification Pathway for Python!

Introducing Python Level-1 Certification with Virtual Robotics from Firia Labs!

We are thrilled to announce our new Virtual Robotics mission pack, which is aligned with the OpenEDG Python Institute's vendor-neutral certification pathway.

Python Level-1 Certification with Virtual Robotics

At Firia Labs we live what we teach: our engineers are developing Python based products every day for a wide range of industries. As you might imagine, our standards are quite high when it comes to certifications. After careful evaluation, we're joining a growing number of school districts in the US and abroad in supporting the OpenEDG Python certifications!

Completion of this course prepares students for the PCEP: Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification exam.

This is an exciting new certification pathway for your CTE students!

  • An Industry Credential in a high-demand professional programming language.
  • No prerequisites needed.
  • Robots!!

Using the CodeSpace Simulation Environment, students complete a series of challenging robotics projects which teach the Python programming skills needed to achieve certification.

Contact us to pre-order: Course goes live on 8/2/2021