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Infosys Foundation USA funded PD at Pathfinders Online Summer Institute 2022


Firia Labs and Infosys Foundation USA have committed to providing NO COST to you teacher professional development.

What is the PD session about?


Putting the CS in Robotics! Project-based coding in Python


Why should you attend?

After attending this PD you will be empowered to take Python learning into the classroom. Firia Labs workshop will cover two paths. One path is for those wanting to offer a beginner-level Python coding with CodeX. The other is for more advanced Python coding with our Virtual Simulator. You will receive some training in both, so don't worry about missing out! This will include a flexible mix of synchronous and asynchronous instruction.



In addition to the FREE PD, you will receive 3 CodeX with perpetual curriculum licenses and 1 one-year individual subscription to the Python Level-1 Virtual Robotics curriculum in the simulator. AND, you'll have tons of fun with us that week!



 When is the Firia Labs PD session?

June 27 - July 1 from 10am - 6pm Central time each day.


What do you need to do to attend?

Register for the Firia Labs PD session here: https://pathfinders.onwingspan.com/en/login and apply for a scholarship. 



The scholarship is funded by Infosys Foundation USA and is available only for public school teachers (including charger school teachers) in the United States.