August 2019 Curriculum Newsletter


Teachers make a difference

At Firia Labs, we know the impact teachers have on students. That's why we seek educator input and ask ourselves, "What do teachers need?" ever step of the way.

If you have just been using CodeSpace without the teacher resources, you're missing out! Check out some of the new resources below!Python "cheat sheet"


Python "cheat sheet"


Cheat sheet, one-pager, reference, whatever you call it, it's been one of the most-requested resources from teachers. Use it as is, or delete the text and leave the headers and have students fill it in as they go!


Connection Errors poster

Troubleshooting is one of the most valuable skills students can use. We hope you don't have connection issues, but if you do, have your students solve the problem themselves! Also consider printing the flowcharting symbols or design process as a poster.

Step-by-Step Keys

Answer Keys

Have you ever had a student ask for help and you have to pause and figure out where they are in the project? That's fine if you have time, but it would be so much quicker to have an "answer key" every step along the way.